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Issue 886 – March 1, 2017

Whenever I hear that printing industry consolidation is necessary and good, I wonder to which industry people are referring. Printing is the ultimate free market, the archetype ‘have a go’ sector where the vast bulk of print is produced by a very few big companies, with the rest farmed out to a large number of small, even micro businesses, mostly of less than five people.  This is where the majority of printing jobs, as opposed to tonnage, is generated. It’s a vibrant, difficult sector in rapid transition from craft traditions towards a digital communications future.

While there may be very valid reasons why the big producers should seek efficiencies in mergers, the health of the printing industry also requires a vibrant, populated marketplace of small producers where service, convenience and competition are attracting customers. Let’s be wary of becoming too production focused.

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Patrick Howard
Publishing Editor