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Issue 980 – February 2, 2018. Fujifilm SPECIAL report

The buyout of Xerox by Fujifilm is a historic moment not only in the printing industry but also in global commerce and technology markets. Few brands have the iconic stature of Xerox. The invention of xerography by Chester Carlson in 1938 is a US 20th century milestone that changed the way the whole world works. Few brands have had such an impact. The Xerox name even became a verb, a call to action; to xerox something is to copy it, plain and simple.

That ownership of Xerox now moves to Fujifilm in Japan speaks volumes for the failure of US manufacturers to adapt to the 21st century. Kodak is a prime example. It also reinforces the dominance of Japanese businesses in the printing and graphic arts. A roll call of Japanese manufacturers is an encyclopedia of the printing industry; Epson, Konica Minolta, Canon, Screen, Ricoh, Komori, Horizon, Mitsubishi, Duplo, Mutoh, Mimaki and more.

Fujifilm bestrides the sector in many ways and will now move to even greater prominence. It has proven itself to be a nimble and courageous innovator, transforming itself from a photochemical manufacturer into a world leading, all-round, technology business with a strong focus on printing. On this occasion it’s fair to say that what’s good for Fujifilm and its new subsidiary Xerox, is good for the printing industry.

Welcome to your special issue of Print21, the premier news and information service to the printing industry across Australia and New Zealand.

Patrick Howard
Publishing Editor.