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It’s a wonder wall of printing.

Sunday, 10 April 2016
By Patrick Howard

Tim Jetis and son with Theo Pettaras at the opening of the intriguing project, A Meeting of Words.

An exposition of words that have changed history illuminating the heights and depths of the human spirit is presented as collaboration between Tim Jetis and Theo Pettaras.

What do Martin Luther King, Emily Pankhurst and Henry David Thoreau have in common apart from their vision and exemplary courage? They are all part of a marvellous project, part publication, and part exhibition, called A Meeting of Words that was opened this week at the Australian Design centre.

Created by Jim Jetis, art director, designer and visual artist and printed to a high level of art by the indefatigable Theo Pettaras of Digital Press, the collection of speeches, extracts, artworks and curiosities is a glimpse into the power of words and printing. The series of posters and books are examples of works that have transformed the world. Ranging over literature, politics and memory they are all radical extracts from the flow of history.

Searching for a new channel of communication with a younger generation, Jetis is deliberately mixing up the media and presenting it out of context. The strength of the venture is in the multi-disciplinary approach that showcases print as a conveyor of idea and emotion.

It’s not often the printing industry gets involved in such a creative and intellectual pursuit but it serves well and is in keeping with Pettaras’ ongoing contribution to showcasing the highest level of printing. B.J. Ball provided the paper for the project.

The exhibition/ book will travel to regional centres over the next year. It’s a definite recommendation.


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