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JDA Print Recruitment extends a ‘geonerous’ helping hand

Tuesday, 05 March 2013
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James Cryer of JDA Print Recruitment is extending a professional helping hand to print and graphic arts employees in the local market who may have been affected in the past month’s industry movements.

In a release, Cryer said:

“JDA is helping to bridge the “Geoneration Gap”.

“Proving that not all recruiters are created equal, JDA has dipped into the eternal well-spring of ‘geonerosity’ and has agreed to provide free careers guidance and counselling to anyone currently experiencing, shall we say … ‘vocational uncertitude.’

“The offer is unconditional, and applies to staff with ANY large offset printing company located in the Botany region.

“While not geonerally providing such services, JDA realises that in times of need everyone should man the pumps and offer assistance.

“Such assistance would include –

  • ·         resume preparation,
  • ·         how to write a compelling cover letter,
  • ·         how to prepare for job interviews – and importantly,
  • ·         a discussion of what job opportunities are out there.”

Cryer says he invites anyone – both ladies and ‘geontlemen’ – who feel disaffected or who otherwise unloved, to contact him for an obligation-free discussion of industry options, on 0408 291 508.

As a further attempt to boost employment opportunities, any such candidates would be placed at HALF the normal placement fees. So, employers interested in seeking, good, hard-working, well-trained staff are welcomed to enquire about these ‘new geoneration’ candidates – available at half-price.

Contact James Cryer on 0408 291 508 or visit:

4 Responses to “JDA Print Recruitment extends a ‘geonerous’ helping hand”

  1. March 05, 2013 at 1:43 pm,

    Dick Dotgain

    Well done James. Your puns don’t get any better but this is a positive move. Does it apply to Mt. Waverley Vic as well?

  2. March 06, 2013 at 10:07 am,


    I had a positive experience working with Chis Gander from JDA over recent months. Industry knowledge and honesty when managing candidates is always appreciated. This is a great opportunity for those recently displaced. Congrats to JDA Print Recruitment on a great industry initiative.

  3. March 08, 2013 at 8:30 am,

    Love this industry

    Thank God, somebody has a heart.
    I hope alot of people that need weekly income read this article.
    Mr Cryer you are a true gentleman.

  4. March 08, 2013 at 9:58 am,

    Dick Dotgain

    I too had a very positive experience with JDA. I can tell you these guys really do care and are 100% from the industry so they know their stuff. They can’t undo the atrocious situation with Geon but at least it’s some help for whoever they can place. Just ignore Jim’s bad puns!

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