Jobs: Cadet Program – Narrow Web Technologist, March 6, 2018


Sydney, NSW


(02) 8399 4999

Jet Technologies is a major supplier to the printing and packaging industries. A family business that represents global brands, Jet Technologies works with suppliers who in turn manage Global and National brands.

A company that believes in hard work and acknowledges a great job. Our company has continued to grow year on year and this opportunity presents itself for the correct candidate to learn and assist our clients in each of the product categories that we look after.

The initial focus for the candidate would be the inks and coatings product category, learning all aspects of ink management at clients and product management of the inks and coatings themselves. From colour matching to trouble shooting and product recommendations, you will assist the inks and coatings team through the process of customer ink transitions and laboratory preparations of databases and be involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the inks and coatings business.

Through the exposure to clients and training on the job you will learn about each of the other product categories. When you are comfortable in the inks and coatings segment, you will have focus time on each of the other product categories, spending time with the relevant product managers and also time at the principles to get a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process of the products and end user requirements understanding the whole process from cradle to grave.

Print Technologist:

Training will be provided in house at:

  • Jet Technologies facilities in Sydney and Melbourne
  • On the job training on customer sites
  • Overseas at the principles premises Europe & Asia
  • Training will cover all facets of Narrow Web printing from inks & coatings, tooling, films & substrates, digital machinery, reprographics and relevant machinery, all technologies with in the Narrow Web segment.

You will accumulate proficiencies in the following:

 Inks and Coatings:

  • Colour matching & Trouble shooting
  • Colour Spectrometry
  • Preparation of Colour Databases
  • Proofing & Evaluation
  • Understanding of basic chemical make-up of all ink and coatings technologies in the Narrow Web Market.
  • Working onsite at customer premises with other members of the Jet Technologies Team while training and spending lab team with our inks and coatings team.

Tooling & Machines

  • An understanding of all tooling requirements for Narrow Web Printing presses from Flexi Dies to solid tools.
  • Specifying clients tooling requirements and advising accordingly.
  • Learning about anilox technology and relevant tooling sundries for presses and finishing units
  • Learning the functionality and set up of various machines from print processors for CTP through to Digital ink Jet machines and finishing units

Film & Substrates

  • Understanding the various substrates, Papers, synthetics and films for various print applications and their relationship with inks, coatings and end-user requirements.
  • Understanding the surface characteristics and material properties
  • Product recommendation and General Trouble shooting

You will attain a great understanding of all print processes under the Narrow Web banner, Flexo, off-set, Letterpress and digital and have exposure

Preferred Candidate Criteria:

  1. Working experience in a technical environment.
  2. Attention to detail is essential.
  3. Good computer skills and a general aptitude for maths/science.
  4. Good organisational skills and problem solving.
  5. Self-motivation and enthusiasm, knowing there is a lot to be done and to learn.
  6. A desire to deal with customers, staff and executives.
  7. Driver’s licence and police clearance will be required.
  8. A ‘can do’ attitude is most desirable.

Benefits to You: 

You will learn a unique and important skills, you will be able to make a contribution to the company’s success which will open a range of benefits including a competitive salary, recognised skill set, a variety of learning and development opportunities, Long term position with a good income and positive working environment and exposure for yourself across the Narrow Web printing industry.

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