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JPE reaches for the top with annual conference

Thursday, 06 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

The “Reach for the Top” conference will be held at the Outrigger Beach Resort at Ettalong, taking place over the weekend commencing Friday May 19.

The organisers are hoping to provide young leaders with the tools necessary to align their goals with that of their employers, and then to go about achieving these goals. The weekend’s topic will be focussed on leadership, creativity in leadership, individual motivation and how to motivate teams.

The business guest speaker Bruce Haddon was responsible for creating StarMart, a Caltex brand that operates across 13 countries. He will provide an authentic insight into the secrets of naturally creative people, as well as an inside look into the world of creative ideas. His presentations have been enjoyed by management audiences across eight different countries.

His keynote topics will include:

  • Being original – expanding and enjoying your own creativity
  • Corporate creativity – generating better ideas sooner
  • Leadership thinking – being an inspiration to yourself and others
  • Creative influence – communication and marketing skills for professionals
  • Second nature – becoming the most of who you are.

    Brian Goorjian, head coach of the Sydney Kings basketball team as well as the Australian Men’s National, will be the dinner presenter for the weekend. Born in America, Goorjian first came to Australia in 1977 to play for the Melbourne Tigers under coach Lindsay Gaze.

    After captaining the Tigers, Goorjian embarked on a highly successful coaching career in 1988. Goorjian has gained a reputation for his presentations on leadership, building a winning culture, teamwork and being the best you can be.

    To find more information about the event, visit or send an email to

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