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Kavenagh says XMPie approach for labels needed

Wednesday, 17 April 2019
By Wayne Robinson

Adding value to labels: Enda Kavenagh, regional sales manager XMPie

With the digital labels and packaging market set to grow by 13 per cent in each of the next two years XMPie regional sales manager Enda Kavenagh says adding value will be key to printers achieving maximum results.

Speaking to digital label printers at Holmesglen TAFE Kavenagh said, “An integrated holistic consumer communication experience across all channels must be relevant, consistent and above all measurable. 
It is about delivering the right message, to the right person, in the right format, at the right time.”

Kavenagh took to the stage at Holmesglen to emphasise the benefits label converters can gain by taking an XMPie approach to print communication. He said by enabling powerful variable data production, the industry benchmark software system enables designers to create labels that are both personalised and relevant. He focused on the power of cross media communication to integrate messages across multiple channels, while highlighting the XMPie web-to-print capabilities, which can also deliver marketing portals for clients.

“Digital label production is a lot more than simply printing short runs. It is about adding value to brands, increasing customer loyalty through the use of personalisation or attached coupons, for instance,” he said.

He identified value to the brands and to the consumer from sophisticated labelling. He also spoke to the benefits for the service provider in using XMPie in label production. Kavenagh said, “By increasing the value of the label, developing new lines of revenue such as analytics, and adding stickiness to the relationship, the provider becomes central to the process.”

Kavenagh presented research which showed the digital labels and packaging markets, valued at US$10.5bn last year, are expected to grow by 13.6 per cent per year to 2020. He believes the combination of XMPie and digital printing presents the label sector with an unbeatable opportunity. “The label is an effective tool to include marketing messages, especially when combined with other media. Digital print enables every label to be unique and hence carry a relevant, effective and timely message,” he said.

“XMPie has the technology to turn the label into a powerful marketing tool, increasing brand exposure, sales and long-term consumer engagement.”

In an engaging presentation he gave some examples of innovative labels created with XMPie and digital printing. Dry peel coupon labels on pharmaceuticals as well as personalised bottles of beer, jars of Vegemite and even bars of Toblerone were all held up as real-time enhanced marketing.
He finished with a call for label converters to expand their horizons. “Extend your print and multi-channel business online and deliver branded stores for your customer to do business with you. Selling print, non-printed and digital campaigns in an enterprise-scale ecommerce environment with XMPie is a natural growth path for digital label converters,” he said.

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