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Keeping them satisfied: Quote & Print helps you meet customer demand

Monday, 13 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Terry Gallagher (pictured right), managing director of Quote & Print Solutions, the distributor for Quote & Print in NSW, ACT and SA, tells how his company’s software can help satisfy the ever-increasing desire of your customers to do more faster and know more sooner.

Much of the business world seems hooked on working at an ever-increasing speed. Your customers expect faster service and delivery, and they want you to keep them better informed of what is happening and when.

Mobile phones, email and the internet have created expectations that you will be “always available” and “answer immediately”. However, a business needs to seek the right balance and work smarter in order to meet the ever-rising expectations of customers – not just work harder.

Graphic arts operators cannot just keep pedalling the same bike faster and faster.

So how can you provide faster and more consistent turnaround for your customers’ jobs? How can you give your customers more accurate information about when their work really will be ready?

How can you give your customers an immediate answer to their queries, rather than just saying, “I’ll call you back after I go down to factory floor and speak to the shift supervisor.”

Quote & Print is the answer.

Scheduling, Shop Floor Management and Employee Times modules

Quote & Print’s Scheduling, Shop Floor Management and Employee Times modules can give you a faster, more accurate picture of how the work is flowing through your printing plant.

With these Q&P Solutions, when you are on the phone with your customer or even when you are in your customer’s office using a wireless internet link, you will be able to see instantly what is happening on the factory floor and exactly where the critical jobs are at.

Quote & Print is seeing its customers making a concerted push in using these system solutions effectively. Is your business taking advantage of these capabilities?

Finished Goods Management and Logistics modules

There is another area where customers are pushing more responsibility onto businesses while still wanting to know exactly what is going on. This is in the area of Finished Goods Management and Logistics, where our Q&P system can provide you with the management information to provide a high quality service to your customers.

The Q&P Finished Goods Management and Logistics software can also enable a business to give its customers the KPIs and other information they need to be confident they are being provided with a good service.

Internet Business-to-Business modules

When you start to perform a Finished Goods Distribution role, the next necessary step is to take advantage of the proven Quote & Print Internet Business-to-Business modules.

Our Internet solution will enable you to handle a growing workload more efficiently. Your customers can be placing internet orders while you sleep!

If you choose to let them, your authorised customers will be able to view their current stock levels, reorder levels, order history and other relevant information on their own PC screen over the Internet. This is the sort of ‘Instant On’ information access that today’s business manager is expecting you to provide.

The integration of the Q&P Internet B2B with the Production, Finished Goods and Logistics modules enables corporate customers to be confident in the ability of your business to meet their needs both now and in the future.

The Q&P Internet B2B includes a powerful Template-Driven System for Personalised Stationery, Customised Brochures and Overprints or other repetitive work. This enables your customers to place and preview their orders when they choose to, rather than only when your staff are available to take the calls.

Other functions in our Internet module include the ability to offer flexible On-Demand Print Ordering facilities to your customers. They can also do Internet Requests for Quotes and you can choose to allow authorised customers to view the status of their Quotes and Jobs when required.

You can use an integrated Management Information System such as Quote & Print to provide your customers with the ‘Instant On’ service they are expecting today.

This is far preferable to running around faster and faster in ever-decreasing circles – and the powerful Quote & Print system may even give you time to fit in a visit to the river or the beach!

This article was brought to you by Quote & Print

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