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Kodak chases counterfeiting crooks

Monday, 17 November 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Counterfeiting crackdown comes to Australia with the launch of Kodak Traceless Colour Shifting Inks.

Steven Powell, director of business development for Kodak US made the trip to Australia last week to meet with companies through NSW and Victoria about implementing Traceless into their businesses.

"I’ve spent time with nine different pharmaceutical companies along with consumer goods and cosmetic companies," Powell (pictured) said.

"Pharmaceutical companies are a key market for Kodak because they are impacted by counterfeiting globally and are really motivated to do something about this."

Colour-shifting inks, when applied to a product or package, change colour when the angle of view changes. They allow brand owners, retailers and consumers to immediately see that the products they sell, purchase and use are authentic.

Kodak Traceless Colour Shifting Inks offer a second ultra covert layer of protection through embedded Kodak Traceless Markers which can only be detected with the hand-held Kodak Traceless Imaging Reader, providing a dual layer of security.

Powell acknowledged that Traceless is available "virtually anywhere but China". He attributes a lack of security in the country as an major factor in this decision.

"China is on the watch list for counterfeiting," he said. "It is a problem there because of a lack of ability to manage what is going on with technology."

He still remains hope that one day China may be a potential market for Traceless.

"It’s conceivable that conditions can improve in China," Powell said. "We have confidence in our entities doing business there."

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