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Kodak rates paper for Prosperous results

Thursday, 08 March 2012
By Print 21 Online Article

As part of Kodak’s hoard of new products to be launched into the marketplace during drupa in May, the company will be introducing a paper rating system that works in conjunction with its Prosper series of presses that is designed to take pressure off printers when it comes to researching the best paper for a print job.

The Paper Rating System is the result of over ten years of paper testing and over 3,500 individual tests. Kodak has designed the system so that Prosper press users in the book publishing, direct mail and commercial printing markets can have easy access to a ready database of papers, and match up certain jobs with the best papers for those jobs.

Kodak says the system will allow printers to make more informed decisions about the right combination of quality and price for each of their print jobs. The company’s business development director, Don Burns (pictured), says that, for production inkjet printing, choosing the best paper for the job remains one of the largest variables in getting the greatest value out of a job.

“In order to simplify the decisions for print providers, their customers and agencies, Kodak has developed a Paper Rating System that compares paper surfaces using quantified metrics for image quality,” says Burns. “Customers can now compare papers of similar grades and determine best fit for their applications.”

The system, which has been developed specifically for Kodak’s Prosper press series, has been designed around a ‘five-diamond’ rating scale which corresponds to the system’s six rating metrics that quantify and characterise the image quality expectations for each paper selection.

Of the 3,500 papers tested, over 220 have been successfully rated as meeting the criteria for one to five diamonds in the rating system. The program will be ISO certified and rolled out to all global markets over the course of this year.

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