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Konica Minolta commits to its future in Australasia

Friday, 19 October 2012
By Print 21 Online Article

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in the Australian market the Japanese digital manufacturer reinforces its commitment to the local industry at a successful event in Darlinghurst.

It was a night of saké-barrel busting, Chopin and well-meaning speeches from the Japanese Consul and the upper echelons of Konica Minolta management, both locally and from head office. Even Julia Gillard put in an appearance via a recorded congratulatory message. Finger-food, drinks and a convivial crowd of customers and corporates under the guidance of Stevan Caldwell, national marketing manager all combined to celebrate in the unlikely location of a former women’s prison block in the old Darlinghurst Gaol.

Konica Minolta celebrated 25 years in Australia in grand style this week at the Cell Block Theatre, not only emphasizing its commitment to the local industry but also announcing it had taken up the major sponsorship of one of the country’s major art prizes, Redlands. Hiro Kaj, managing director, made a point of emphasizing how integrated the company has become in the local graphic arts industry as well as the broader community.

He affirmed the company’s intention to remaining a long-term supporter and supplier to the Australian printing industry. He also announced that the company’s long-standing sponsorship of the Redlands prize goes up a level to where the prestigious competition will henceforth be known as the Redlands Konica Minolta Art  Prize.

A brief history of the Japanese company’s technology achievements, a suitable number of laudatory speeches and a stunning piano recital by the very talented and beautiful Yuko Fujii, topped off an evening of recognition for one of the most active suppliers to the industry.

Kampai: a celebrator group around the newly opened saki-barrel. (l to r) David Procter, general manager, Hiro Kajimanaging director, Konica Minolta Australia, Ko Hasegawa, general manager, sales headquarters Japan, along with Stephen Edwards and Simon Dodd of SNAP.














David Procter – General Manager

Hiro Kaji – Managing Director

Ko Hasegawa – Deputy Senior General Manager – Sales Headquarters Japan

Stephen Edwards – SNAP

Simon Dodd – SNAP



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