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Kwik Kopy embarks on a digital revolution

Thursday, 13 April 2006
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Graham England, franchise sales manager for Kwik Kopy Australia, says the switch over to a digital focus was driven by the prohibitive cost of establishing a franchise as a traditional offset centre, and the falling price tag for operators setting up an equivalent digital production outlet.

“We’ve been involved in traditional production for many years, but have recently found the figures just don’t add up anymore,” England says.

“Such an approach is proving to be too expensive for the services Kwik Kopy provides, with operators experiencing problems that are common to the industry like excess capacity.”

England maintains that a traditional Kwik Kopy outlet costs as much as half a million to establish, typically running several two-colour offset presses and CTP with other associated equipment. However, the new digital centres will only require the owners to invest in the ballpark of $200,000.

“The new model will keep investment costs down and allow us to put the focus on customer service, as well as making high-end graphic design services available to our customers,” England says.

The current plan is for the new centres to house a Fuji Xerox DocuColor 5065 production press, as well as an additional black and white digital press with online binding. Each centre will launch with these two machines, with additional capacity bolted on as the workload demands it.

When customers require traditional high-volume offset work that cannot be digitally produced in the new centres, then it will be outsourced to either the existing offset Kwik Kopy centres or to other print partners in the industry.

New operators that join the Kwik Kopy stable will still have the option of opening a traditional offset centre, which will remain a necessity in some regional areas. However, the new digital focus will define the future direction of the Kwik Kopy franchise in Australia, and all internal systems have been updated to reflect this approach.

“Kwik Kopy have implemented an aggressive growth strategy  with several new outlets planned over the next few months,” says England.

“We are also looking at working with existing business’s to come under the Kwik Kopy banner and have a number of incentives in place to encourage existing printers to consider this option.”

Kwik Kopy Digital Centre launches in Melbourne

The owners of the new Kwik Kopy Digital Centre in Campbellfield, Melbourne, already have a relationship with Kwik Kopy due to their prior work as managers of an outlet in the neighbouring suburb of Thomastown.

Brothers Glenn and Justin Alexander say they jumped at the chance to be involved with Kwik Kopy’s new digital print endeavour.

“The new print model has huge potential, not just for our existing business model but for potential franchisees as well,” says Justin.

“New franchisees can open a Digital Centre at a significantly less cost than a traditional Kwik Kopy centre and still have 30 years of credibility in the Kwik Kopy name behind them.”

While the Thomastown centre is more heavily focused on production, the new Digital Centre has a customer consultation area, a boardroom for client meetings, space for graphic designers to work and a small production area for digital printers and bindery equipment.

“The new centre has just opened, when the centre grows we have plans to employ a second staff member to help with the sales and design work on site,” says Justin.

David Bell, general manager of Kwik Kopy Australia, says that although the new Digital Centres will sell all of the existing Kwik Kopy product offerings, not all of the items will necessarily be produced on site.

“The new centres will focus on sales and customer service and on providing rapid delivery digital colour and black white printing including wide format and plan printing rather than being factory style production outlets,” said Bell.

Bell says the new Kwik Kopy Digital Centres will carry across the branding and feel of the traditional centres, and he confirms that the franchise is pushing on full steam ahead with expanding the new venture around the country.

Joining the existing Kwik Kopy stable of 106 traditional centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, opportunities currently exist to open Digital Centres in WA, SA, Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.

“Response to the new print model has been strong and we are hoping to have three new Digital Centres operating throughout Australia by the end of the financial year,” says Bell.

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