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Nanopress with Fiery RIP gets FOGRA nod

Friday, 25 January 2019
By Patrick Howard

Benny Landa shows off Nanographic print quality at an event at his production plant in Israel.

The Israeli-based Nanographic printing system joins other digital brands in gaining quality assurance from the German-based graphics research institute. The EFI Fiery digital front end technology driving the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press is the first system to receive an expanded Validation Printing System certification.

Landa and EFI join brands such as Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh and Fuji Xerox in using the FograCert to benchmark printing quality. The new cert extends the test beyond validating a single print to evaluating the stability of an entire print run to ISO standards.

EFI announced the certification at its Connect conference in Las Vegas this week

According to a Landa spokesperson the Fogra seal of approval is an important step towards assuring customers of the consistency of the Nanographic presses. The certification covers combination printing systems that include a printing system, driving software, colour management software, substrate, and a simulated printing condition that accurately represents today’s print production process.

“The Fogra seal is an important validation of the quality of our Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press,” said Gilad Tzori, VP of product strategy. “It also validates our choice of partnering with EFI. While certification based on a single print has been the standard for some time, we believe this new certification, which tests print run stability, is an important validation of the Landa S10 print quality.”

The roll out of the Landa Nanographic system continues, albeit in an unusually low-key manner. Following the flamboyant launches at the past two drupa shows by Benny Landa, there are now at least four installations – in Israel, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. They are soon to be joined by the first Chinese press. Komori is predicting it will have a beta site for its Nanographic press in the first half of this year somewhere in Japan.

The Fogra certification will go a long way towards rebutting perceptions that the Nanographic printing system is unstable over long runs. The partnership with EFI at first presented challenges to the venture  but the complete printing system now seems to be well grounded in quality and consistency.

“By meeting new validation requirements like the FograCert Validation Printing System certification, EFI and Landa are working to ensure that printing companies’ customers can have greater confidence in the print they buy, which ultimately helps create more opportunities for growth in high-volume digital printing,” said John Henze, vice president, EFI Fiery


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