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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 13 March 2008

Monday, 10 March 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Here’s what readers had to say about last week’s news.

Re: Internet print scam comes out of Africa

I received the same email, but to be honest, only a complete fool would have progressed any further  – even doing a quote would have been ridiculous. It maybe goes to show how far in the depths the printing industry has sank, with the need to get work at any cost.
Westminster Printing – Brisbane

We have received approx. 10 of these same requests in the past 4 months. Not always same the quantities or contact names, but always along the religious theme and always 60,000 to 100,000 A4 Flyers on an 80-90gsm Laser Bond Stock.
They are becoming more frequent.
Craig McCormack


Re: Salmat has its work cut out for it

The headline was appropriate, but I was intrigued that Salmat believes its top priority is its new acquisition. When I complained to a local supermarket manager that we had not received their catalogue for several months (yes, months!) we received some catalogues for a couple of weeks – including a Salmat flyer seeking workers (and stressing no GPS tracking) — then none, and at last they’ve started to come. This week I told a local hardware store that I was buying a product on special because it was the first time I’d received their buying group’s catalogue in a long time.

My guess is that their payments to "walkers" are no longer realistic in these days of high employment. Do flyer advertisers really prefer cheap rates to getting their ads delivered?

I’d suggest that flyer advertisers put their ads in the local newspapers, but their deliveries (Fairfax and Leader groups) are little better and one in particularly in seeking their walkers stresses the exercise benefits with no mention of the pay.

If the leaflets (and newspapers) can not get delivered there might soon be no leaflets (and newspapers) for printers to produce. Or should we go back to the idea of the recipient paying for a truly local paper with the ads it contains.

Gordon Woolf
Hastings – Victoria – Australia

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