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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 13 September

Tuesday, 11 September 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

What readers had to say about last week’s news.


Dear Editor,

Re: Printing industry is a star performer – Hagop’s commentary

It is obvious that the ABS is well out of touch with what is going on in the printing industry.
Except for some of the larger companies (a lot of whom are now owned by NZ interests) the medium to smaller printers are battling to stay profitable. Every week or two there are either takeovers, mergers or printers just plain going out of business.
Like many industries in Australia, the clientele of these printers are being forced out of business by cheap imports, which of course depletes the work being produced by local printers. On top of that, there is the work being sent offshore and printed for cheap prices, the quality of some of this work is very questionable.
As a printer for 26 years I have seen the printing industry slowly being depleted, especially since cheap imports have been allowed into this country, right across the board, not just printing, most of which is absolute rubbish.   
It would be nice to think that things are going to improve in the future, but I really cannot see it happening.
Ross Cummings.
Alpha Label



Dear Editor,

Re: Bad form as Queensland printers lose entitlements

I disagree that the liquidation of the company "is indicative of the hard times being faced by forms printers as multi-part forms are hit by computer technology". 
Has anyone looked into the history of Mr Spark’s other ventures before pointing the finger at technical advancements as the sole reason for the decline of the business? 
Tania Welford

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