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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 17 December 2008

Monday, 15 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Robert Fuller’s redundancy continues to anger readers, while one printer is concerned over the future of PMP’s print contract with Sensis.

Re: Robert Fuller falls victim to cost cutting

As a member of the first Australian Technical Committee for Graphic Technologies (AU TC 130) I would like to express my personal disappointment at the termination of Robert Fuller’s employment with Printing Industries. While recognising PIAA’s need to develop strategies to cope with harsh economic times and ongoing structural changes within the industry I feel compelled to underscore Phillip Anderson’s comments regarding Robert’s ability and dedication to the task.

Robert’s energy and enthusiasm for the role of guiding and facilitating the TC130 (accompanied by the ever-present Bob Lamont) ensured the realisation of a significant milestone: the adoption of ISO 12647-2 as the official Australian standard and the creation of a website dedicated to educating the industry about standards-based production (

Throughout this process Robert not only demonstrated enthusiasm but foresight and dedicated himself to ensuring objectivity in the affairs of the committee. Without his support and focus on the long-term integrity of the committee’s work my role in particular would have been far more difficult.

He was, or should I say, is, greatly appreciated. Good luck to you Rob.
Mark Stegman
Graphic Prepress
Sydney institute


Having work extensively with Robert Fuller, both in the recent very successful NSW Print Awards and in the TC 130 Print Standards committee, I was staggered by his redundancy, and rapid departure, from Printing Industries. As well as being a very likeable guy, Robert is a person of great ability and immense energy. He and his very capable PA, Natalie Sargeant, ran themselves ragged managing the print awards, working extraordinary hours to make the event a resounding success.

As the current chairperson of the TC130, Robert was an imaginative and innovative leader. The Committee’s website is evidence of this, since much of the input on its design and function was Robert’s. He will be a huge loss to the PIAA and to the graphic arts industry.
Warwick Roden
Chairman, NSW Print Awards


Re: Shades of grey over future of Yellow Pages

I’m employed by PMP Chullora Printing Plant.Contract with Senis runs out in June 09. PMP continues to talk of a seven-year contract to print the Yellow and White Pages. We have six months to go on our current contract; we are lead to believe that we have a seven-year contract with Sensis.

If this is true why are the staff at the Chullora Plant not being told of our future? Management at the Chullora Plant keep informing staff that they do not know what is going on with the future of the plant. We have 125 people working at Chullora, our EBA states we will know our future by June 08. It is now December 08 and still no advice on our future.
Concerned PMP Printing Employee (Name withheld).

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