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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 27 October 2010

Thursday, 28 October 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

Brett Turnley responds to criticism of The Bindery’s plans to move to Sydney following Graphic Bookbinding’s troubles.

Dear Another Print Finisher,

It would have been preferable to address you by your real name, but apparently it was withheld at your request. Hardly “The Australian way…..”.

A few points for you to consider.

Since last weeks article about a potential expansion of The Bindery to Sydney, the response from Sydney printers has been overwhelming. We have received phone calls and emails offering assistance and support if we decide to expand into Sydney. We thank those who made contact and appreciate your offers of support.

Yes, we had a fire in March 2006 that destroyed several key items of equipment. We were assisted by competitors and clients as we recovered and will be eternally grateful to those who did assist. Offers to assist Graphic Bookbinding were made by The Bindery and those offers still stand. An event such as a fire or destruction of assets has an impact on your business that those who go through the event will only really understand. We sympathise with Emma and her team and reiterate our offer to support them in any way practical.

Yes, there are many issues in our industry. You note that “our great industry cannot get its act together and become a cohesive voice for the prosperity of print”. It’s very hard to work as a cohesive team if some of the members hide behind a veil of anonymity.

Brett Turnley
Denward Court Pty Ltd, T/as The Bindery


Re: Bookbinding niche in Sydney is tempting to The Bindery
Here we go again. When someone is down, or doing it a bit hard through no fault of their own, what do some in the print industry do? They stick the boot in.
Why don’t some of the other binders in NSW offer a helping hand, or for that matter, perhaps some work may be able to be completed in Victoria if that is the delivery point.
Well done Dunnett, inspired business decision. I seem to remember other binders in Melbourne giving your company a bit of help when your fire cost you dearly. Short memory, eh?
Ever heard of karma? Ever heard of  "The Australian way"… probably not.  Ever heard of compassion? But remember Rob, karma is there for everyone. Better hope you don’t need a little help (again) someday.
What an absolute disgrace. Little wonder our great industry cannot get its act together and become a cohesive voice for the prosperity of print.
Another Print Finisher (Name withheld)



Re: Goanna Print – going, going, gone
I think your headline is nasty. I worked at Goanna Print for many years and loved my time there.
Pat Walker


Re: Melbourne metrosexuals make a mark at Victorian PICAs
Thanks for the story on the Victorian PICA awards celebrating some much-needed diversity within the print industry

Angeline Wyatt, Heidelberg


A very well written article, refreshing and informative. Inspiring to note that the industry is aspiring to produce and enter well designed and innovative  products especially after the past few years of weathering the storm. Picpress staff enjoyed the night immensely as they are very proud of the work they produce and it was great to have a night that acknowledges their efforts and pursuit of perfection and to dress in their black-tie finest.
Anita Milas

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