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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 6 March 2008

Wednesday, 05 March 2008
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The letters keep rolling in this week. Here’s what readers had to say:

Re: Bob makes the Honour roll


Congratulations on the recognition that is so very much deserved.

Your work in the Training arena for not only the Print Industry but the Communications Industry in general is as good as it gets.

John Kirk
Director – NSW Communications Industry Training Advisory Board


Re: Drupa – home to everything print – and seven-minute beer pouring

How can you carry a beautiful article on beer drinking in Duesseldorf, accompanied by a picture of beer in Bavaria? Here is a real picture of real Dusseldorfer Altbier at the Schumacher Brewery in the Altstadt.

Mike Hilton

 Want to see what happens in Germany when you order a small beer? Look below – ed.


Re: Epson and Fuji Xerox plan to print for the large format market

Interesting article, it would seem this development is a tacit admission from Xerox that they’ve fallen behind in the technology for architectural printers.  Their main rival, Oce, has had a colour plan printer [TCS400] for several years now and appears to be now dominant in new bureau installations because of this.
Bruce Prentice


Re: ACP mags lag behind competition

I think we’re getting fed up with the blatant lies published in these magazines.  I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of reading about other people’s lives – but we do prefer the truth rather than the made-up rubbish we’re coming across.  I’ve stopped buying those magazines for that reason and now occasionally buy Who magazine which seems to only publish substantiated articles and interviews.  In this day and age of reality programming could it be that we’re less taken-in by fantasy and able to spot fictitious content a mile-off?


Linda Gunek

Re: Who gives a rat’s? – Print 21 magazine article

A thought-provoking synopsis Andy, well done … how much more of the present do we have to sit through …

Bruce Sinnott
Generic Publications


Re: Australia Post seeks stamp of approval for price rises

I represented both PIA & ADMA at the last ACCC enquiry into postage prices as well as being a member of the Postal Issues Committee of ADMA  for a number of years so I think I’m well qualified to offer some advice on this matter.

Firstly I must stress to the printing industry that it is vital that you decide on an industry position and put your position strongly to the ACCC. I know when I was involved many felt we were wasting our time and the Government would just rubber stamp the request for a price increase from what after all is a business owned by the Government. This was far from the case and the ACCC at the time under Prof John Martin showed real concern as to the effects on both industry and the public an increase in postage costs would have and the end result of that enquiry was although Aust Post did receive a rise in the retail price of a stamp many of  the  increases in the different rate levels and the period of time that the decision covered was not what Post had asked for and the stands taken by the various groups representing industry and the public had a real influence on the end result.

First for the Printing Industry the results of this enquiry is very important. As a printer you may not think you are producing D M products. Every printer produces D M think how the product you produce is distributed by your client. The use and distribution of paper is vital to the printing industry and it’s vital to Aust Post. In my opinion the industry should strongly oppose the increase for business mail where the mail has been bar coded and sorted by the client or subcontracter ( i.e Mail House/Printer etc) prior to lodgement. In reality most of Aust Posts work has been done for them in preparation for delivery. There is no doubt business mail subsidises the retail mail delivery costs especially in the cost of sorting for Aust Post but the question is why should business mail pay for it, surely it should be in the cost of the retail stamp?

The bottom line in Australia is that Aust Post is in reality a Government owned business with a monopoly control over the delivery of small and medium size personalised mail protected by government legislation. With a change of Government and with the backing of the Postal Unions this is a chance for them to increase costs. The use of paper communication as against other mediums such as the internet is already under enormous pressure to be relevant in today’s world, increase like those proposed will further  move companies away from communication by mail and therefore directly effect the printing and mailing industries. Those that run their own Super Fund will well know the way that organisations are trying to avoid  paper communication in dealing with their clients. The irony when you deal with companies is they hound you not to take communication from you by mail and paper but when you want something from them they want it in writing not over the internet!!

In my opinion it is important that companies individually support industry groups such as PIA, ADMA and MMUA to present a united industry approach to this.

Chris Day

former National Sales  Manager, D M Products Penfold Buscombe







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