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Letters, feedback, get it off your chest: 7 July 2010

Wednesday, 30 June 2010
By Print 21 Online Article

More support for Bob McMillan, while Andy McCourt reckons Paul McGarity isn’t the only one with a claim to fame.

Re: Charity work earns Bob McMillan Order of Australia medal
I had the pleasure of working with Bob for over 10 years. During this time I saw a man of commitment and compassion who not only built a highly successful iconic business but was always working tirelessly behind the scenes to help others in need.  The Order of Australia medal was 100 per cent on the mark in recognising two of your major contributions to the printing industry and charity work.

Congratulations and well-deserved Bob.

Steven Murphy


Re: The winds of change: 30 June 2010
Congratulations to Digital Logic’s Paul McGarity for landing his star role in Underbelly, but can he or anyone else beat an Oscar-winning film appearance?

In my callow youth I appeared in Fred Zinnemann’s A Man For All Seasons, which won six Oscars including Best Picture. Here I am as a courtier in King Henry VIII’s entourage visiting Sir Thomas Moore to request his first divorce. I’d like to claim I was selected from the cream of RADA or NIDA but, alas, they needed a well-trained dog and there he is, my beloved old mate Bing the labrador, who played the part of Moore’s favourite canine.

The dog got ten quid a day. I got five. I have never recovered from the humiliation, and have never worn tights since.
Andy McCourt


Re: Day of digital is here: John Kirk

It all very well for John to mention all of the people involved in the “Day of digital is here” article with some involved more than others; but he has failed to mention and acknowledge one very important person.  This person is Craig Rollins from TAFE who has worked at the coalface since the inception of the qualification at Clayton Utz.  Craig is also heavily involved in the mentioned “non-traditional print rooms in corporates and bureaus in Sydney.”  Let’s place a bit of credit where credit is due.

Graeme Gould


This story is very timely as it acknowledges the very significant impact of the digital technologies on this industry. It also recognises the effort that John Kirk has made as a very dedicated and committed contributor to the industry.
John has always had a great passion for the digital sector and his participation and efforts have led to the development of qualifications in this area of print. The outcome of this will mean that a whole raft of people engaged in the industry and who are endeavouring to make a career of it will now in turn have their own skills fully recognised. This is a very positive outcome for this growing industry sector and those who have embraced it as a career path. So John’s effort have been farsighted and far-reaching .
For anyone who visited PacPrint in 2008, the exhibition revealed the way the industry has grown and diversified as the new digital technologies have progressed past being just an emerging force. Instead this sector is today a mainstream player and contributor to the opportunities print offers to the print buyer. 
Digital print has come a long way so the development of the qualifications to recognise and support it helps ensure it stability in its growth as it will make it stamp on the future shape of print. So the new qualifications have been a great outcome for those employed in it as well as for the industry itself.
It is also appropriate to remember the combined efforts and involvement and teamwork that has helped shape the outcome. This includes the industrial parties, ie the print division of the AMWU and the employer group the PIAA, the Printing Industry Committee of the State ITAB and TAFE NSW as the training provider. Last, but by no means least, the National Industry Skills Council, IBSA who have helped shape the passage of digital print  into the national training framework.  
Bob Snedden OAM

Re: No time like show time to come together: McCourt’s eye
Thank you for the kind comments. Trying to bring associations together and partner with diverse yet converging industries is something VISA has been working on for the last five years.

Everyone wins, seeing more at the shows, making it more worthwhile for exhibitors and attendees, hopefully saving everyone money and time.

Please watch this space as we are working on more combining of shows.

Mark Tailby
VISA President


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