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LIVE ! from Monkey BAA Sydney – Print21 WEEKEND Issue 1033 – August 3, 2018

As communication media moves more online, packaging is often promoted as the future, even the salvation of printing. It ain’t necessarily so, but undoubtedly industrial printing – packaging, labels and signage – is becoming a more significant part of the printing industry. Anyone with a press should be aware of the opportunities and the challenges posed by industrial printing. New technologies are lowering the entry bar to what was once a high-investment reserve.

Today at the inaugural LIVE! Forum – New Frontiers in Packaging Print, at the Monkey BAA in Darling Harbour, a packed house of industry movers and shakers are exploring the new markets becoming available to printers and packaging companies.

Here’s how it kicked off. We’ll bring you more next week.

Welcome to your latest issue of Print21, the premier news and information service for the printing … and packaging … industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Patrick Howard
Publishing editor