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Make a difference – through leadership in printed communications

Monday, 23 October 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Visit the HP Make a difference to register.

Find out how HP’s digital publishing solutions are helping print service providers, designers and agencies to make a difference and take advantage of a fast growing market opportunity.

A major one-day event taking place at Sydney’s Luna Park will introduce Hewlett Packard to the world of commercial digital printing in Australia. One of the world’s largest corporations, HP’s presence in the graphic arts through its Indigo Division is set to radically alter how the industry works, how it progresses and how it will regard itself in the future.

HP is now a major player in the printing and graphic arts market and its Indigo Division is setting new benchmarks in productive, industry leading digital presses. The event at Luna Park will allow you to hear from the management of HP Indigo how the company sees the evolution of printed communications. The top executives of HP Indigo will demonstrate the ‘value chain’ that makes innovative documents what they are today – effective communication tools.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how corporate customers are using digital technology in print to communicate more effectively. International speakers from Virgin Atlantic and CAP Ventures, the US strategy company, will explain how they are leveraging communications value.

Allow the experts from HP Indigo and its Australian distributor Current Images, a division of the Currie Group, to guide you through the different market sectors where the opportunities are to be found. Live demonstration of digital presses serving the commercial and industrial markets will be using customer-targeted database and web applications on a range of substrates.

The presses on display are:

  • The HP Indigo press 1000 utilizes HP’s liquid ElectroInk technology and has built the largest installed base of digital presses sold in the world. It offers printing in offset quality on-demand full colour A4 pages at a speed of 2000 copies per hour. It can produce full colour personalised offset quality print documents, on a wide range of substrates and can be combined with special spot or corporate colours. It requires no set-up time and can print proofs and/or prints within a minute.
  • The HP Iindigo press 3000 opens doors to an unlimited range of digital printing applications in offset quality with its unique potential of versioning and targeting printed information to your markets and customers’ requirement. It is engineered for high volume users who need to turn work around with ever decreasing deadlines. The strongest weapon to make the difference.
  • The HP Indigo press ws2000 is designed to print labels. The press successfully enables enterprises to better control their product launch processes and test marketing. It can produce economical runs of 20 to 40,000 labels.

Agenda for the make a difference day at Luna Park:

Wilson’s parking, shuttle bus drop to Luna Park

Registration and morning tea

The HP Indigo story and what it means to digital printing.
Richard de Boissezan, Hewlett Packard Company

HP Visions
Andy Middleton (Netherlands), General Manager – Worldwide DC, Hewlett Packard Company

Virgin Projects Limited
Megan Simpkins (London), Client Services Director, Marketing & Advertising Consultants

Lunch & Exhibition

CAP V – State of the Market, New York, USA. Consultants to the digital communication market.

Australian Experience
David Minnett, CEO, Momentum Digital, Sydney, Australia.

Applications & Opportunities
Michael Mogridge (Australia), Director (Indigo), South East Asia/ Australiasia.

Moderated Sessions/Questions
Robyn Walton (USA), Hewlett Packard Company.



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