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Making the right choice in MIS

Monday, 10 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Phil Hayes, of Orelia Management Systems, the Western Australian distributor for Quote & Print, (pictured with wife and partner Leith Freyer) discusses the often unasked questions of MIS software purchasing.

In my experience when people in the Industry decide to buy or upgrade a print MIS software package they often fail to ask the right questions. They key question being ,“What benefits will my business and customers gain from this purchase?” Without asking this they don’t put the purchase into the right context and therefore they stumble when it comes to price.

Investing in Quote & Print has been likened to employing an agency full of staff forever, for the cost of one or two for one year only. Quote & Print will deliver the consistency you have always demanded but rarely achieved. The accumulated expertise you have gained over many years, can be set into Quote & Print and accessed by all your staff consistently so that now you get what you want, when you want it.

Remembering the unwritten definition of ‘Experiencewhat you got when you didn’t get what you wanted, another often overlooked aspect to Quote & Print is its Australia wide dealer network. We at Quote and Print have a family consisting of hundreds of users throughout Australia encompassing all facets of the print industry. This enables us to draw on the experience of thousands people, with the dealers guidance and training you can overcome all the issues that arise daily without having to experience them first hand.

A source of intelligence and new ideas
As dealers we see and hear about new trends and ideas in the print industry often before most other printers. This not only helps us develop and expand the software to meet growing demands but it also allows our printers to grow their businesses into new market areas. Conversely our users also drive the development of the software to meet their and their customers changing needs. This is where the Quote and Print philosophy of No wonder it’s so good, you designed it. has come into its own.

The other often unasked question “I have years of accumulated information and knowledge. Transferring this to an MIS could take forever. I wonder if I can spare the time?”

We tend to get lost in the old adage Time is Money, when of course if used properly time well spent makes money. Implementing an MIS system does take time. If we use it in a productive manner by reviewing existing practices, assessing our methods and evaluating our systems and data, then modify and adjust before entering we no longer have to live with the mistakes of the past. We can look at it as a new beginning.

These questions and many more like them can be discussed with your local Quote and Print distributor.

This article was brought to you by Quote & Print

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