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Malcolm Auld & Steve Harris star at PIAA direct mail event

Friday, 15 March 2019
By Patrick Howard

Packed room listening to Malcolm Auld at PIAA event in Brisbane.

Marketing gurus teams up to reinforce the power of mail as the Real Digital Disruptor at a significant Printing Industries  event in Brisbane. A large turnout of industry professionals came to hear how direct mail has not only retained its power but also increased its effectiveness in the digital age.

Over 170 attendees were entertained and educated by Harris and Auld on Tuesday night at the PIAA co-ordinated Direct Mail event. A broad audience of printers, their clients and agencies packed the room on the roof of the Flight Centre Corporate Headquarters to learn all about the Big Creative Idea.

Harris and Auld are well-known, high profile industry professionals with a great sense of fun and a high-energy delivery that had the audience fully engaged. They reinforced the effectiveness of direct mail, good copy writing and the strong recognition that there is plenty of room for print in marketing in this internet age.

A highlight of the evening was the ‘Epic Split,’ a popular ad dating back to 2013, illustrating a perfect case study of the Big Creative Idea, with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two moving Volvo trucks. Feedback on the night was extremely positive and the event will be repeated in Melbourne and Sydney soon before being rolled out to other states by the PIAA and other sponsors.

Once bookings are open and dates secured, PIAA members and printers in the broader industry will be able to invite their clients along to this beneficial and entertaining event.

“It was an incredibly informative event, packed with interesting information about communications, and not just Direct Mail,” says Andrew Macaulay, CEO of the PIAA. “Clients of printers, and agencies will find this event very useful.”

“I thought the evening was very enjoyable. There was great value for the guests of all the printers that attended,” says Walter Kuhn, president of the PIAA and Queensland member.


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