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manroland web Market-X comes online

Friday, 28 July 2017
By Print 21 Online Article

Andreas Schwoepfinger (left) and Dennis Wickham.

Australian and NZ manroland web customers will be able to access a wide range of ‘wear and tear’ spare parts for their presses when the new Market-X trading platform comes online in August.

The web-based site expands the e-commerce service offering for local printers as manroland web sub-suppliers make their products available for purchase over the internet. Supply companies such as Technotrans and Baldwin are all lined up to make buying spare parts easier than ever for printers.

Dennis Wickham, managing director and Andreas Schwoepfinger, technical director, welcome the launch saying the new web service will enhance customer service in the region. “It’ll be a big advantage for local customers and there are considerable cost savings to be made by buying through Market-X,” said Wickham. “The range of products available will expand over the coming months as more sub-suppliers come online.”

The new website service will run alongside the normal manroland printcom consumables supply service that the local company holds in stock for fast delivery. “Market-X allows us to engage with our suppliers and broaden our selling proposal. Pricing will be very competitive due to the large volumes the company buys,” said Wickham.

According to Alexander Wachter, vice president sales and service for manroland, the objective is to develop a convenient and reliable one-stop shopping experience from anywhere in the world 24/7.

“We are very happy to welcome considerable players from the printing industry. Together with a range of selected pilot customers, we are at the testing phase at the moment. The manroland web store has been established very user friendly and in close cooperation with our customers to implement all additional functions, which are required in a B2B world.

Redesigned and relaunched in July 2016, manroland’s online store supplies well over a thousand web offset customers with spare and wear parts and authorized consumables.

 Wachter says: “We consistently and intensively work on the implementation of further functionalities, on the constant optimisation of technical consultation and on increasing the product variety and offerings – as now seen even by suppliers.”




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