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Manugraph steps up as world’s largest single web press maker

Thursday, 23 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

The combined company will now become the world’s largest
single width web offset press manufacturing company ahead of Goss. It will
maintain manufacturing and assembling operations in three facilities — two in India, and one in the
United States. Manugraph will offer a complete product range of single width web offset presses to
its considerable markets.

Sanat Shah, Chairman, Manugraph India Ltd said, “We are extremely excited about this
proposition and upon completion of this acquisition, we will not only be the pioneers in the web
offset press business in India, but will also become the largest manufacturers of single width press
in the world. We are already offering our services globally and look forward to further expand
our business reach.”

Chris Lunt, CEO, Dauphin Graphic Machines Inc said, “In today’s highly competitive global
press business, the need to form worldwide alliances is a must. We clearly saw the merits of a
common umbrella from day one, as each company’s strength perfectly complements the others.”

Manugraph is acquiring DGM, a profit making company with a current annual turnover of around
US$ 70 million for a cash consideration of US$ 19.2 million.

“Our goal of becoming global leaders in the manufacture of single width presses is being
achieved. We have already invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities, machining capabilities
and engineering resources. With DGM, we now look forward to launch a new range of products
globally,” added Shah.

[Article sourced from Indian Publisher and Printer

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