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Market Watch FY 2012 – A Year in Review Pt. 2

Monday, 06 August 2012
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Part 2 – The Suppliers.

In the second of a five part series Ascent Partners director, Richard Rasmussen, outlines the major market activity pertaining to consolidations, takeovers, sales, acquisitions and closures that were reported within the supplier sector of the industry in FY 2012.

Global Suppliers

Who would have thought at the start of the year manroland, Shinohara and Solna would change hands? Or that Kodak would file for Chapter 11? There was plenty of activity amongst some of major suppliers.

  1. Manroland – In November they filed for insolvency. Langley Holdings subsequently purchased the sheet-fed division and the web division was purchased by Prossehl
  2. Kodak files for Chapter 11 (Jan).
  3. Heidelberg – purchased CSAT
  4. Goss France merged two sites
  5. Hans-Gronhi purchased Shinohara
  6. PaperlinX – In January they received an offer to purchase shares, in February there was a leadership challenge and then in July the challenger, Andrew Price, was appointed to the board.
  7. EFI acquire Alphagraph, Prism and Create Print
  8. Platinum Equity acquire Quark and Quark later acquire Mobile IQ
  9. Wifag buys Solna
  10. Xeikon acquires RSD Technik and Flexolaser
  11. HP Buys Hiflex
  12. Domino takes over Graph-Tech
  13. Forsyth Capital buys Baldwin
  14. Adobe purchases Efficient Frontier
  15. Dahaher buys X-Rite
  16. 3M buys Avery consumer products division
  17. Autobox buys Andrew and Suter
  18. Hahnemuhle’s purchases Zanders
  19. Glide Private Equity purchases Spandex

Suppliers – Local

  1. DIC buys Pacific Inks of NZ
  2. Jet Technologies (NZ) opens branch in Auckland
  3. Blue Print Imaging buy HGV / NZ
  4. Fluid Technologies (NSW) ceases trading
  5. Supply One ceases trading
  6. CSG (NT) rejects takeover offer
  7. Bermuda (QLD) open new distribution centre
  8. Australian Graphic Supplies opens new NSW site
  9. Starleaton (NSW) relocates

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Next week in part 3 of “Market Watch FY 2012 A Year in Review”, we provide an overview of the Small to Medium size business that closed.

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