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McMaster joins PMP Board

Friday, 05 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson

PMP has added Andrew McMaster to its board, as a non-executive director, replacing Stephen Anstice who left the board earlier in the year.

New at PMP: McMaster joins board

McMaster is one of the two board directors allowed to be nominated by the Hannan family under the terms of the Share Sale Deed, which saw IPMG merge into PMP and the Hannan family become the largest shareholder in PMP.

Matthew Pickford-Smith, chairman of the PIAA Board says, “The PMP Board is pleased that the Hannan family has nominated such a highly experienced executive who brings significant financial and accounting experience to the Board.”

McMaster has been a partner in KPMG for 27 years, and the inaugral chief financial officer of Service NSW, serving for five years.

In addition he was a director of the Sydney Swans for 22 years until last year, and spent a decade as director and treasurer of the Bradman foundation and the Bradman Museum.

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