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Monday, 26 June 2017
By Company press release

It’s tough to keep up with frequent changes in superannuation legislation. Busy printers can struggle to find time to work out their super obligations to employees and to the business. With the financial year coming to an end, there’s no better time to contact your Media Super Business Development Manager for a super health check.

“Businesses are there to do their job – serve their customers, return to shareholders – and paying super is not always at the top of their list of priorities. Super payments are complex – therefore it is important for businesses to occasionally pause, reflect on requirements and make sure they’re ticking the right boxes,” said Erick Cordero, General Manager for Growth at Media Super.

Erick Cordero, Media Super.

Media Super Business Development Managers (BDMs) stand ready, willing and able to help printers in every state get into ‘super’ shape. Whether you’re already a default employer with Media Super or not, one of their team of super gurus can visit your workplace and undertake an assessment of how well you’re meeting current superannuation obligations. They’ll work out a plan to get you and your business into top ‘super’ shape, aiming to help improve efficiency and reduce costs. “The health check has two key benefits for businesses: to get some sense of comfort that their arrangements are ticking all compliance boxes, and to make sure they’re meeting their obligations as efficiently as possible, which could lead to reductions in their overheads. The outcome could very well be that they’re tracking well on both fronts, or they could be given some guidance on how to improve,” Cordero said.

Once you’re in ‘super’ shape they’ll give you a plan to make super admin easy with online payment via a clearing house – an easy, efficient system to allow you to make payments for your employees at Media Super, plus any other funds.

Media Super BDMs can also help to tailor education programs for your staff, including broader financial literacy, scheduling wellbeing workshops on company mental health in partnership with SuperFriend. There’s a dedicated employer support helpline to help with any questions, technical issues, to keep you and your business in top ‘super’ shape – easily. “If a business owner is interested in this, give us a call – we don’t expect it to take more than 30 minutes to an hour, and one of our BDMs would be happy to go out and meet with you,” Cordero said.

There’s a reason why Media Super and its BDMs are regarded as the printing industries ‘super’ trainers. They’ve been part of the community since 1987. The board represents employers and workers from the arts, entertainment, media and print industries. Through their partnerships with industry organisations Media Super supports professional development and talent nurturing programs, and other initiatives, as well as awards/talent recognition programs. “Media Super has almost three decades of experience working with printers, so we are uniquely placed to help these businesses understand their obligations,” Cordero said.

Media Super BDMs understand the special nature of the workforce and the unique challenges workers in the printing industry face in saving for retirement. They can help workers by facilitating comprehensive, tailored educational seminars, covering topics such as retirement planning, salary sacrifice, co-contribution, investment choice and pensions.

Being ‘super’ healthy means that as an industry fund, Media Super is run only to benefit members. Its solid returns, along with low fees and cost-effective insurance, help keep members in better financial shape for their retirement.

Contact your local Media Super BDM to find out more.

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