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Neopost powers on with print seminars

Thursday, 15 March 2018
By Jake Nelson

Karen Kavanagh (right) with Jimmy Nguyen, Neopost, at the Power of Print seminar in Sydney.

It’s important for anyone in the printing industry to keep up with the latest trends in technology – not just by attending trade shows, but by educating themselves and networking with other printers. That’s why Neopost, in conjunction with HP, is hosting a series of seminars on ‘the Power of Print’. Jake Nelson went along to the Sydney event on March 14 to find out more.

Held at the ParkRoyal Hotel in Parramatta, the Power of Print seminar day is the first of three in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne across the month of March. Sessions are available on topics ranging from colour management to print finishing, and I attend two of the talks: one by HP’s Jeremy Brew on the benefits of Latex printers, and another by Karen Kavanagh, marketing director at Neopost, on creating ‘beautiful print’ for direct mail – which, she says, doesn’t just mean high-end luxury finishing or fancy paper. “Beautiful print is clever print,” she explains. “If it makes sense for the customer, and your production capabilities allow it, then it’s beautiful print.”

In addition to open days where it shows off a lot of equipment, Neopost is moving towards events like this where the company can educate customers on what’s new, says Kavanagh. “All we’re trying to do is show our print customers how to grow revenue with the latest innovations from the industry,” she tells me, adding that Neopost benefits from hosting the seminars just as much as the customers do from attending them. “Events like this are very important for us, as they give us the opportunity to talk one-on-one with our clients and get a feel for what’s happening with their businesses.”

There’s been plenty of interest in the seminars so far, says Kavanagh, despite them being a significant departure from what Neopost normally does. “Customers were asking why we’re doing these education pieces, but I do think that they’re looking for more information,” she says. “They’re hungry to find out how they can make more money, and that’s what we’re promising them today: ways of increasing revenue through technology and through education.”

The seminar series will go on to visit Brisbane and Melbourne over the rest of March with the same topics, but that’s not the end, with more talks scheduled for May. “We have so many more topics we want to bring to the industry,” says Kavanagh. “These future sessions will have a very similar style, education-led, little on the equipment side. We’re going to be talking more about the trends that are impacting our industry and what’s to come from Neopost.”

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