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New campaign promotes the power of mail

Friday, 19 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson

New campiagn: RMC promoting mail to marketers

The Real Media Collective has launched a fourth campaign – this time promoting the benefits of direct mail in marketing.

The Collective says that despite many marketing options available to brands these days, mail continues to achieve cut-through, and delivers results.

The new campaign launched by The Real Media Collective sets out to remind marketers and creatives of this – that mail continues to be a relevant and powerful medium that should not be dismissed.

“Direct mail is one of the hardest working marketing channels, whether via a catalogue sent to a member or a brochure and postcard sent to a prospect, we know how hard this channel works across all age groups. When we engaged the agencies and marketers they agreed with us, however they conceded a lot of the knowledge on how to build a successful direct mail campaign had been lost. This immediately identified a need for industry to educate,” commented Kellie Northwood, CEO, The Real Media Collective.

With the swing by brands in recent years to sign up their budgets to everything digital, many are now finding that the cut-through and results just aren’t stacking up to justify the investment. The Collective, with a focus on education and creativity have built a campaign that focuses on engagement and return-on-investment (ROI) results, as well as calls on designers to show their learnings and design their own direct mail piece.

Northwood said, “We know 92 per cent of consumers open mail sent to them and with more channels to choose from in the modern marketing mix, mail is a vital channel. Its effectiveness has not waivered – in fact, in many cases it has increased as the letterbox is less saturated and now a growing shopping channel as online retail grows.

“Australians are going to their letterbox for their new shoes, bags and more, print is the only channel that can sit in the letterbox with their new purchase and we want to take advantage of that.”

The first mailer was sent out this week to 5,000 designers and marketers, highlighting the sense of touch. The campaign is a collaboration between The Real Media Collective and its members – Direct Mail & Marketing, Tudor Specialty Envelopes, Whirlwind Print and Australia Post.

Luxury print embellishments that demonstrate the latest in digital and offset print technologies are used, and the touchy-feely effect was achieved with spot UV, high-end laminate, 3D gloss and foil embellishments, all pushing the luxe feel.

More mailings are currently in the works with subsequent campaigns building on the other senses: sound, sight, smell and taste. The Collective is promoting members to those seeking direct mail providers and building workshops across the country for members, agencies and marketers to come together to learn about how to create the best direct mail.

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