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New half size Komori has its first showing at IPEX

Thursday, 13 April 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

Gerard Wintle of CPI, the Komori agent in Australia and New Zealand was particularly pleased with the imminent arrival of the B2. “This is the type of press our printers have been waiting for, “ he said. “It has all the automatic processes of the larger presses and it very productive. I’m confident we’ll do very well with it.”

The new B2 comes as Komori is starting to make headway into the long perfecting market with three machines going into Australia this year.

The Komori exhibition facility at the show was certainly that of a confident press manufacturer. Every day 30 live demonstrations in three theatres focused on such areas as high-speed make-readies, production and job-to-job turnover. The record at the show was for a full changeover on the KithroneS29 in under seven minutes.

In recent years Komori seems to have fallen behind the market’s requirements, but it’s worth remembering it was the original creator of the automatic pressroom and pioneered such standards as auto-plate change. With the new presses displayed at IPEX and the refresh of its entire press range to bring them all up to the same standard, the Japanese manufacturer is certainly back in the game.

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