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New identity for mail users – The Communications Alliance

Tuesday, 09 December 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

Bob Carr, former Premier of NSW and Macquarie banker, was the guest speaker at the first meeting of the newly named Alliance, previously the Major Mail Users Association.

The transformation follows the recognition by the members that their activities embrace more forms of communication than mail. The Communications Alliance handles client communications through numerous electronic and digital media in addition to its tried and true dependence on Australia Post.

The organisation comprises of most of the large users of mail, generators as well as mailing houses. In recent times its relationship with Australia Post has been under pressure due to mail price rises.

Explaining the need for the new identity, John Gillroy, CEO, said, “Australia Post is not the only postal delivery service and paper. Mail is not the only communication option and our members want the emphasis changed from mail to communication. We have decided to re-focus our work and attention to embrace not only our traditional coverage of paper mail but also, in its various forms used by high-volume communicators, paper mail’s e-alternatives".

The first outing of the Communication Alliance was appropriately entertained by one of the great communicators of Australian politics, Bob Carr at the final Intelmail Explornet 25th anniversary luncheon at Randwick Racecourse. In a wide-ranging speech that gave a ten-mile high view of the world, Carr in inimitable style, touched on everything from Al Gore to Abraham Lincoln, China’s rising middle classes to the carbon possibilities of Australia’s native forests.










 Caption:                                                                                                          Top table time at The Communications Alliance; (left to right) Terry Daly, Salmat; Bob Carr; Heros Dilanchian, founder of Intelmail and John Gillroy, The Communications Alliance.

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