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New large format and screen printing PDF specs from Ghent

Thursday, 08 February 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

GWG were pleased with the progress and speed that the production process took for these PDF specifications, said Andy Den Tandt, of Enfocus and the GWG specifications subcommittee. “The goal of the Ghent PDF Workgroup is to make it easy to produce reliable digital documents that can be used from creation to final print production. To accomplish this, the Ghent PDF Workgroup considers the entire workflow and all the steps that influence the final result,” he said.

For Screen Printing – For both graphical and industrial screen printing, using screen resolutions between 15 lpi (6 l/cm) in outdoor up to 150 lpi (60 l/cm) indoor. Screening technology may vary from “traditional” screening (rounded and oval dot) to other screening technologies such as FM and Stochastic.
” CMYK (ScreenPrintCmyk_1v3)
” CMYK+spot (ScreenPrintSpot_1v3)

For large format digital printing – specialised high resolution print productions using screen rulings higher than 150 lpi (60 l/cm) or using special screening technologies like FM and Stochastic or large format printing (where the pages are created at a fraction of the final output size).
” very high resolution (without downsampling) CMYK (CmykVeryHiRes_1v3)
” CMYK+spot (SpotVeryHiRes_1v3)

For special productions, the use of higher frequency screens, FM screening, Stochastic screening, or a mix of some of these technologies, may require higher image resolutions in order to result in the best possible, fine detail in print. For such projects, GWG recommends using the specifications “CmykVeryHiRes” and “SpotVeryHiRes”.

Nick Stevens, technical director of SP Group said that he hoped these new specifications would give customers an understanding of the requirements for screen and digital processes. “These new standards will help to deliver files appropriate to these production processes,” he said.

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