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New plate provider to open in Artarmon

Thursday, 07 February 2002
By Print 21 Online Article

Spitting Image partners, Steven Marshall and Graham Maslen are entering into a joint venture to establish and run a dedicated CTP plant in Sydney’s northern suburbs. The business, CTP North, plans to open its doors during March and will be offering plates to printers across the industry.

The partners have done their sums and looked at the progress of other prepress houses that have moved into CTP such as Adstract. Even though they have not yet settled on an equipment brand, Steven Marshall indicates his preference for a thermal system.

“If you are selling plates to the industry it has to be thermal, I think,” he said.

He believes there is little cost justification for printers to set up their own CTP systems, especially when they are only running one or two presses.

“It costs a lot of money to put in CTP, up to a million dollars. Why would they bother when they can get plates at the prices the trade is offering now.

“We’re still putting through a lot of film in Darlinghurst but we know we have to go to CTP. This kind of alliance is happening all across the industry.”

The other partner in the joint venture is Lindsay Yates.

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