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Norwood SA steps up

Monday, 06 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

It wasn’t a hasty decision, but when Lyle and Janet Skinner of Kwik Kopy, Norwood, South Australia purchased a HP Indigo 5000, they knew it would have enormous benefits for their business.

Embarking on a gruelling process, the husband and wife spent 12 months investigating opportunities within the market for digital printing and were impressed when they found the 5000. “The 5000’s quality is fantastic,” Lyle said. “It just gives us more opportunitiesto differentiate ourselves. For the time being, this places us in a very different position in the marketplace.”

The Skinners have the unique distinction of being the first Kwik Kopy Centre in Australia to have purchased a HP Indigo 5000. Phillip Rennell, digital manager of the Currie Group, acknowledged the importance of this purchase.

“The decision by Lyle and Janet Skinner to put in a 5000 is of great significance. It shows the press is being recognised as a universal device, helping to streamline the production in franchise operations,” he said. “The HP Indigo 5000 is a natural addition for any go-ahead printer who wants to be able to switch between offset and targeted personalised work easily. It is a very capable workhorse and I’m sure we’ll see many more being installed in similar situations.”

While Lyle says that this purchase was an exciting development for Kwik Kopy, he also approached the deal from a marketing perspective. “It’s all a matter of looking at your stable of clients and we’re very fortunate to have high-profile customers and if we’re not keeping up with what they want then they could go somewhere else.”

An increase in speed has been one of the main benefits for the company; the 5000 has increased Kwik Kopy’s productivity. “Normally, jobs that take a long time on the offset can now all be done on the Indigo and in a shorter time,” Lyle said, noting that the quality from the Indigo looks even better than offset even though it has an offset look. “We’re just flying through the work a lot quicker.”

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