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Océ announces Sydney parts warehousing agreement

Thursday, 02 August 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

The McPhee warehouse area, located in Homebush, supports a mobile service and support team at Océ’s North Ryde office and complements the company’s parts warehousing in other states including the Victorian head office.

Matthew Stickland, (pictured) Océ’s national operations manager for digital document solutions, said that the company now maintains a parts warehouse in five states.

“Each state holds a full complement of parts needed to service Océ equipment in that state to ensure our service team maintains a fast, accurate service to customers,” he said.

“While McPhees will warehouse the parts in Sydney, Océ will continue to manage the inventory through its state of the art parts management system.”

Production print customers have responded positively to the new agreement, according to Stickland, who believes they will benefit from the new warehouse and increased customer service.

“With the increased warehousing space in Sydney and the expansion of our service facilities over the past 12 months, they can expect even swifter response to service calls,” he said.

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