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Offset Alpine achieves ISO certification

Wednesday, 05 November 2008
By Print 21 Online Article

IPMG’s ISO rollout continues as Sydney-based Offset Alpine Printing becomes the second web printer in Australia to achieve Process Standard Offset (PSO) certification based on ISO 12647-2.

The six-month process may have been challenging, but according to Peter Rimmer, digital pre press supervisor, it only involved some minor tweaking of systems already in place.

"We were most of the way there already and just had to refine a few things," he said.

IPMG made its foray into foray into ISO accreditation two months ago with Craft Inprint. Rimmer believes that certification is now vital to the success of a printing business.

"There will be an expectation from publishers that printers are capable of matching standards and ISO proofs," he said.

"Having ISO certification will be a key advantage for achieving that."

Pictured: Luke Wooldridge, graphic arts and print specialist at Kayell (left) presents Peter Rimmer (middle) and Craig Dunsford (right) with their certification.

Offset Alpine’s sales and client services manager, Craig Dunsford, said that the company chose Fogra to perform the certification for its reputation and experience.

"ISO certification gives us a set of known measurable tolerances to work within. Our clients expect nothing less than consistent high quality colour reproduction at all times," he said.

"Offset Alpine is now able to provide even greater consistent quality and predictability of colour reproduction. We did this in preparation for the launch of the Australian printing standard."

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