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Offset’s genius not to be dismissed

Wednesday, 26 September 2007
By Print 21 Online Article

Offset printing hasn’t had its day just yet. When looking to purchase a new printer, offset was Netherlands company Mercurius’ first choice.


Recently installing a Genius 52UV, the company has not looked back on its decision against digital.

Mercurius’ primary business is print production for publishing houses throughout Scandinavia and Spain. With run lengths diminishing, the company only require print runs ranging from a few hundred to 3000 at the maximum.

For this type of demand, digital would seem the obvious choice, but the company found everything they were looking for in the Genius 52UV. "We vetted every digital printing system on the market. But in the end we opted of the Genius 52UV," said plant manager Ronald Bakker.

"The biggest advantage of digital print production is that it supports personalisation. But that is a capability that we simply do not need. What we do need is a robust machine that can UV coat inline with little or no waste, can be made ready and prepared for the next job in a minimum of time and can be embedded in our existing workflow."

Most of Mercurius’ products are printed on synthetic material up to a maximum thickness of 0.8mm. This was another reason behind choosing the Genius press, which is specifically engineered for printing film and plastics.

"I assume – with all due respect to digital printing systems – that it would be impossible to print substrate thicknesses on a digital press at a speed of 8,000 sheets per hour – and even if it were possible, the sheets would doubtless soon be damaged," Bakker added.

Increased productivity and diversity has been the main benefit of choosing the Genius, according to Bakker, who notes that there has been no looking back for Mercurius. "Taking the Genius 52UV on board has enabled us to enter new markets," he said. "Efficiency is the magic word."

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