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Omet iFLEX secret revealed at open house

Customers from every corner the world visited OMET premises in Lecco, Italy to viewe the company’s two new presses: iFLEX, narrow web press for labels and Varyflex V2 Offset mid-web variable size press for flexible packaging printing.

The secret is out – the new iFlex

The high point of the event was  the unveiling of iFLEX, which had been kept secret until then, followed by demos on both iFLEX and Varyflex V2 Offset presses. The 200 guests were introduced to OMET’s new machines and could assist to demos highlighting the presses characteristics of user-friendliness, operational efficiency, ergonomics and rapidity in changeover. Both presses performed greatly and produced diverse high-level quality jobs.

Currie Group is the Australian and NZ representative for Omet with Mark Daws, product manager, reporting good success is recent months.
iFLEX, entry-level machine for labels, stunned the public with its simplicity of use, incredibly short set-up times and low waste operation. On iFLEX press, innovative devices like iLIGHT, pre-register system through laser pointers, and iVISION, smart camera-assisted register on each print unit, left the public speechless.
Varyflex V2 Offset, an impressive press for technology and performance, ideal for flexible packaging printing and for difficult substrates, performed greatly on shrinkable materials and thin films.

Through the patented Easy Sleeve Format Change system, job changeovers are quick to perform, involve little waste and bring flexibility to the whole printing process. Varyflex V2 Offset is the perfect press to print flexible packaging in direct competition with CI Flexo and rotogravure presses or to accommodate runs of shrink sleeves, IML, multi-layer films, laminates and special applications.

The event also saw the visit of the Italian Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Giuliano Poletti who was guided in a tour of the company by Antonio Bartesaghi, managing director of OMET Group, and Marco Calcagni, sales and marketing director, and introduced to OMET’s products excellence. The visit endorses the success of a company voted to innovation and with a large installed base all over the world.

iFLEX, UV Flexo machine in width 370mm,was inspired by a careful analysis of customers’ needs and promoting ease of operation. It is equipped with tools designed to reach the highest print quality in a few, easy steps. Specifically, we refer to innovative pre-register and register devices that contribute to speed up the machine set-up after each job changeover.
First of all, iLIGHT, pre-register system through laser pointers located on each Flexo group. The laser pointer indicates the best alignment of the plate holder with the aim to speed up the changeover and time to register. An identical laser pointer is positioned perpendicular to the die to guarantee the quickest, and immediately effective, die changeover. The best register is achieved thanks to instant cameras positioned on each printing unit (iCAM) capturing the register mark for immediate correction, and a monitor located centrally on the machine (iVISION). Register is rapidly set, as the material advances, without having to wait for the monitor to show the register mark at the end of the line. The results so far monitored of the combined work of iLIGHT laser pointers, iCAM smart cameras and iVISION system, guarantee a quantity of waste during set-up similar to that obtained with fully servo motorized machines.
iFLEX introduces the shortest web path (1,3 meters) in the field of narrow web machines which makes it a super compact press ensuring important material savings in the start-up phase (the register setting waste is below the web length between two prints!). iFLEX, moreover, is the only machine to have all the printing cylinders Direct Drive controlled so to increase the printing precision and eliminate the criticalities due to traditional gear transmission. In this regard, the presence of only one gear per Flexo unit is guarantee of elevated print quality results.
At the end of the line, through the new die-cutting quick-change (QCDC), it is possible to prepare the die cylinder offline on a specific trolley, with no need of lifting hoists. iFLEX label printing machine is equipped with Rock’n’Roll automatic matrix rewinding system that guarantees a smooth printing process with no slowdowns in the die-cutting phase, even in the case of complex shapes. The ensemble of die, cut and matrix rewinding is named CONVERTING EXPRESS.
The machine handles a wide range of formats ( from 5 to 18 ½ ”) tailored to the needs of a small/medium label converter, and for little investment in the production of printing plates. iFLEX is designed to work continuously, without stops for maintenance; its richness and constructive finesse make it a strong, silent press, designed for intensive work cycles and performance, and consistent printing results. The robust protection carters of the Flexo units increase the operator’s safety and prevent the fall of dirt on the plate cylinder, resulting in no downtime for cleaning operations.
The machine configuration flexibility, typical trait of OMET’s printing presses, allows the insertion in-line of cold foil (as standard), screen printing (optional), UV lamination (optional) and an end-line video control camera (optional). On request the machine could have a longer web path for use with water-based inks, and hot air or hot air and UV drying tunnel.
So states Marco Calcagni, OMET’s sales and marketing director: ” iFLEX fills a technology gap on today’s market as it is the ideal complement of the equipment of medium to large label converters that produce large volumes of simple labels with just-in-time deliveries looking for a decrease in wastage. At the same time, it represents for smaller label converters with less investment capacity, the fundamental technological resource to print any job, no matter the volume, with a very high ROI.”
Owning iFLEX is a new, electrifying experience whose aim is to create an inseparable man-machine combination achieving concrete objectives of productivity, time and waste savings, highest quality of execution in one pass and quick delivery to customers. The new iFLEX has no competitors in narrow-web label printing.