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on the money with Chinese print tour

Wednesday, 04 October 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

The tour follows the success of the first stage of the China in Focus seminar series, held during September and receiving a 4/5 satisfaction rating from attendees. Robert Fuller, general manager of Printing Industries NSW, says registrations exceeded expectations and drew participants from right around the country.

“Our intention was to assist Australian printing industry companies to understand what lies behind the headlines on China’s print expansion plans and how local companies can position themselves to deal with the hard realities that China represents,” he says. “It’s obvious from the strong response that many companies want to be proactive and learn about both the threats and opportunities.”

Fuller says that China has some 94,282 printing companies that employ 3.4 million people, representing a lot of opportunities for Australian companies interested in striking up international partnerships. The seminars also continue during October with the in-depth Stage 2A, ‘Competing against China’, and Stage 3A. ‘Partnering with China’.

“Stage 1 gave participants numerous facts and exposure based on first hand experiences in dealing with the Chinese printing industry,” says Fuller.

“Following the in-depth morning session industry overview, the afternoon case study workshop led teams through the decision making process of analysing the ‘U-Beaut Printing Company’ – a printing industry business that had faced challenges from overseas interests and was trying to decide on the most appropriate and optimum course of action to expand.”

‘Competing Against China’ kicks off on Monday 16 October, looking at what printing companies have to do to in order to develop new marketing strategies for competing with the increasing print content from overseas.

The seminar series continues on Friday 10 November with ‘China for Sales Teams’, which takes the marketing strategies developed by the nation’s best print marketing managers and turns them into a practical on-the-ground sales course that will be held throughout Australia.

The next stage, ‘Partnering with China’, is the essential preparation and detailed knowledge required for businesses contemplating joining the nine-day tour. It will assist them to decide whether to compete or partner, and if partnering, to identify potential Chinese companies that match their interests in exploring an international relationship. When the ‘Tour to China’ kicks off in November it will cover the three major print zones of China.

Places are still available for all stages of the China in Focus program, but those wishing to join the tour are required to have completed the relevant preliminary stages. To discuss how this program can assist your business contact Printing Industries on (02) 8789 7300  for further details including tour itinerary.

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