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Open collar dress code helps reduce Focus Press’ enviro impact

Thursday, 07 September 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

In a concerted effort Focus Press has successfully reduced its energy consumption per unit of production by 12 per cent when compared with the figures from the financial year ending 2005.

According to David Fuller, managing director, the good result was achieved through hard work, commitment and serious consideration to improving the energy rating on existing buildings during the design phase of the company’s renovations. Improvements included re-designing window openings and replacing windows with new glass that will reflect glare and 80 per cent of heat. This has improved office ventilation to enable “air conditioning free days”.

Air conditioning free days is now a measured KPI at Focus Press. Also a relaxation on dress code that encourages smart casual is expected to extend the number of days when the air conditioning can be turned off.

“Saving energy is one of our major environmental focus points at the moment” commented Iain Ramsay, Operations Manager.

Other environmental performance areas that Focus measures and benchmarks have also improved again–some considerably. Use of water showed a 30 per cent improvement on last year, landfill waste reduced by 35 per cent and there were14 per cent fewer rags used. Only the use of alcohol on the presses increased slight per unit of production.

“It stands to reason that if all businesses took the same measures, targets to reduce greenhouse gasses would be achievable and water use greatly reduced. All we are doing is to apply tomorrow’s disciplines, today” says David Fuller. “Successful initiatives we are taking now, which appear new and usual, will be standard in the future. We have successfully reduced our production costs during the last five years and at the same time increased our solutions and offerings to customers whilst growing the business and profits.”

The progress by Focus Press is part of an environmental groundswell sweeping the industry led by such pioneers as Finsbury Green
in South Australia. Last week Print21Online reported

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