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Oris Colour Tuner on Canon printers wins SWOP certification

Monday, 27 November 2006
By Print 21 Online Article

CGS Publishing Technologies International notches another first for its industry-leading proofing system.

SWOP, Inc., the USA-based organization which promotes the consistency and quality of advertising materials used in publications through its Specifications for Web Offset Printing, has granted SWOP certification to CGS Publishing Technologies for the ORIS ColorTuner system using Canon’s new low-cost, six-color wide format engines. The A3+ sheetfed W2200 inkjet boasts 2400dpi resolution and is amazingly fast.

The W7250 (610mm roll width) and 7200 (914mm roll width) continuous feed inkjets operate at 1200dpi and can deliver an A1 proof at highest resolution in around 7 minutes and A2 proofs in around three minutes.

According to Michael Laird, Managing Director of CyraChrome, CGS Australian agent, (pictured right), the Canon/CGS technical alliance is producing, “some very good proofs. I’m extremely impressed, not only by the quality and consistency of the ORIS Colour Tuner in conjunction with the Canon engines, but also by the speed of output. This combination allows us to address an even wider sector of the industry with consistent, high quality proofing solutions” he said.

SWOP Proofing Certification means that if users follow the instructions in the ORIS Application Data Sheet then proofs can be consistently reproduced at the level of quality intended by the advertiser or publisher. For example, the data sheet requires the use of Canon inks and genuine CGS proof media. CGS has already achieved SWOP certification for its proofing software running Epson printers.

To qualify for SWOP certification, manufacturers of off-press proofing systems submit the Application Data Sheet along with representative proofs to SWOP Inc. The SWOP Technical Committee then visually checks and gathers color data on how closely the proof matches a SWOP-certified press proof.

In Australia, SWOP is not as widely used but the fact that ORIS ColorTuner 5.0 with Canon printers has quickly achieved certification in the US bodes well for 3DAP approval here. Printers changing to CtP must have some kind of digital proofing and the addition of Canon with ColorTuner is a welcome move for those wanting higher-productivity.

Canon printers use thermal inkjet heads but these heads are long-lasting and avoid the regular re-profiling necessary with other thermal printheads when they are changed regularly. CGS Publishing Technologies, represented in Australia by CyraChrome, continues its strong alliance with Epson piezo printers but considers the new Canon machines as adding choice and differentiation to the proofing market.

Proof quality and stability is superb and printing speed is almost twice as fast as other inkjet printers. On the 7200, high capacity 300ml ink bottles, rather than cartridges, reduce ink costs and maximise usage due to the gravity-feed. Another operational advantage is that all access is from the front of the machine, including paper roll loading and unloading.

O.R.I.S ColorTuner version 5.0 is the enabling proof RIP that turns the new Canon printers into proofers, just as previous versions of ColorTuner opened up contract proofing for Epson piezo machines. ColorTuner 5.0 has three significantly new developments.

Automatic Calibration allows several proofers to be easily calibrated to proof identically. Considerable time savings result from the fact that the print color match file has to be created only once. A common standard reference calibration is all tat needs to be corrected when matching different presses, changing paper or print processes.

Spot Colour Management introduces fine tuning of individual spot, Pantone and special colours in the same way as CMYK colours have been finetunable in previous versions of ColorTuner. CMYK colours are not affected by changes made to spot colour gradation curves.

Poster Tiling is a new feature enabling users to produce oversize print-outs perfectly tiled for either butt-fit mounting or hanging as strips.

Canon is one of the most recognized brands in the imaging world. Together with CGS and CyraChrome, Canon now looks set to take a slice of the inkjet contract proofing market in 2003.

CyraChome will be submitting the new combination to the Australian 3DAP committee for ratification to regional standards at the first opportunity.

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