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PageSet and Océ match

Monday, 22 August 2011
By Print 21 Online Article

Melbourne-based graphics house seizes creative new opportunities with Océ Arizona 550 GT UV flatbed printer and ProCut cutting system

According to PageSet CEO John Della, the company has eliminated around 80 per cent of its manual processes in wide format production work with ProCut. To maximise usage of the new equipment the company is occasionally operating them over three shifts.

Della says prior to the installation of the Océ 550, the company was putting often-critical deadlines at risk, as it didn’t have control over the quality or timing of the outsourced UV work. “This obviously adds to our bottom line but, more importantly, it gives us control over the process from start to finish and enables us to set deadlines and quality standards we know we can meet, without worrying if a supplier will let us down.

“You don’t often get an improvement in quality that results in a corresponding improvement in productivity. This installation has given us both and, at the same time, added new income streams to the company.”

Pictured: John Della with an example of his own company’s signage, printed on the Océ Arizona 550 GT and cut on the Océ ProCut.

“Our graphics people are also paper engineers and they love exploring ideas on the Arizona and ProCut systems. The important thing about this type of work of course is that it’s value-added. It gives us good margins in areas where few

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