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Pantone explores the colour cosmos

Thursday, 11 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

Colorstrology is the result of a partnership with renowned healer and astrologer Michele Bernardt, and infuses elements of astrology and numerology with the “spirituality” of colour. The project defines the exact Pantone-formulated colour profile for each birth date over the year, and the corresponding personality characteristics that flow from them.

Colorstrology is formulated from the assumption that in the same manner that being born under a particular star sign can offer insights into an individual’s personality and nature, so too does the colour that corresponds to a specific birth date. In order to pin down each day’s unique colour, the numerological vibrations for each month and day were distilled by Berhardt to create a palette to draw from.

According to Berhardt, an individual’s colour is the key that connects them with their inner and outer world. “It resonates with the qualities you have within,” she says. “Its purpose is to align you with your essential self while supporting you on your life’s journey.”

To offer an example, those with their birthday falling on the 8th of October are assigned with the colour Mulberry, Pantone reference number 17-3014, their personalities defined by Colorstrology as “sexy, deep and probing.”

Lying at the other end of the calendar year, those with a birthday on the 28th of March are assigned with Sierra, Pantone reference number 17-3014, defined as a “thinker, hard worker and activist.”

To view your own corresponding colour for the day on which you were born, visit

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