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Pantone Portable Studio Guide – GPG304

AUD $1,185 (includes postage + GST)

This latest version set contains everything you need to select, spec and match solid and process colours – and to gain a creative edge with market-proven specialty colours.

The PANTONE PORTABLE GUIDE STUDIO contains the complete set of all PANTONE PLUS SERIES Guides, our full collection of solids – including 644 new colours added since 2010 – as well as process colours, dramatic neons, lustrous metallics and soft pastels. In all there are more than 9,000 market-proven colours to set your inspiration free in a stylish, easy to transport carrying case.

This nine-guide set includes PLUS SERIES Solid Colour FORMULA GUIDES for accurate solid colour specifying and matching; COLOR BRIDGE guides to determine how a PANTONE colour will appear when reproduced in CMYK or to create optimal display of PANTONE colours on monitors and web pages; CMYK Guides, for working in process; PANTONE METALLICS Guide and the all new PLUS SERIES PREMIUM METALLICS Guide; and the updated PASTELS & NEONS guide, with a range of soothing pastels and eye-popping neons colours.

Pantone is the only internationally recognized colour communication system. You can specify PANTONE colours with confidence even if your manufacturing is half a world away.

The set includes:

  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated
  • FORMULA GUIDE Solid Uncoated
  • COLOR BRIDGE® Coated
  • COLOR BRIDGE® Uncoated
  • CMYK Coated
  • CMYK Uncoated
  • Metallics Coated
  • PASTELS & NEONS Coated & Uncoated

Delivered with signed receipt by courier for your greater security.

Order PANTONE Portable Studio Guide. GPG304$1,185.00