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Paper bargains for printers from Paper Spider

Friday, 24 October 2003
By Print 21 Online Article

The following paper stock item shaves just become available through John Grivas, the independent paper importer of Johis a well-known paper supplier who has pioneered merchanting on the web.

The first item consists of approx 15 metric tonne of Australian Printers Offset 420mm 60gsm. This stock is currently located in Sydney.

Price is $1350.00 AUD per tonne FIS Sydney only. Outside Sydney, pricing adjustment would be required.

In addition Paper Spider has an amount of newsprint reel stock – 48.8gsm ex Indonesia, ready for immediate shipment. At high speed they’ve had some fibre lifting. It’s OK at low speed on single width older machines. This is start up tonnage off new machine. Condition of sale “no claim rights”.

  • Width Weight
  • 965 mm _ 157 Tonnes
  • 840 mm _ 17 Tonnes
  • 640 mm _ 75 Tonnes
  • 762 mm _ 31 Tonnes
  • 860 mm _ 8 Tonnes
  • 380 mm _ 88 Tonnes
  • 720 mm _ 4 Tonnes
  • 650 mm _ 7 Tonnes
  • Total _ 387 Tonnes
  • Price approximately USD570 per tonne CIF.

    John Grivas – Managing Director

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