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Peak performance press heralds new era for packaging and print

Thursday, 18 August 2005
By Print 21 Online Article

The world’s largest offset press manufacturer has broken the speed barrier with the launch of the Speedmaster XL 105, a peak performance machine capable of printing 18,000 impressions per hour. Targeted to meet the needs of the packaging and industrial print markets, every last facet of the XL 105 is the result of a completely original design to allow it to reach new heights in production.

Two XL 105 presses are already consigned to Scott Print in Perth, (one is currently being installed while the second, a five-colour, is in the Heidelberg Sydney showroom for the official launch and a series of open days this week). Andy Vels Jensen, managing director Heidelberg Australia & NZ announced the imminent installation of at least two more of the giant presses on the eastern seaboard in the near future.

At the launch in Sydney on Tuesday, Vels Jensen (pictured right) hailed the XL 105 as a reflection of Heidelberg’s drive to bring peak performance to its customers. “To reach our new targets of production, we didn’t simply take the guts out of the Speedmaster and make it print faster,” he says. “We redesigned it from the ground up with innovative new technology.”

Customers from all over Australia and New Zealand were flown in for the event. In addition to the smoke machines, pyrotechnics and lavish production of the launch, those present were also treated to a presentation from Rex Pemberton, the youngest ever Australian to scale the heights of Mt Everest.

(From left: Andy Vels Jensen, Rex Pemberton and Glenn Plummer)

Pemberton claims Heidelberg employed the same approach in its design of the XL 105 that allowed him to reach the top of the world’s highest peak. “With drive, passion and commitment, we can all achieve our dreams,” he says. “I achieved my dream in reaching the top of Everest, and with the launch of the XL 105, Heidelberg have achieved theirs.”

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