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Pettaras joins PIAA Board

Friday, 19 October 2018
By Wayne Robinson

On Board: Theo Pettaras, Digitalpress, joins the PIAA Board

Industry identity and owner of innovative Digitalpress Theo Pettaras has joined the Board of the PIAA, and says he intends to focus on promoting print and helping create a cohesive industry.

Pettaras – who was once president of GASAA – says, “The industry needs to get its message out there, we need to work together to collectively promote print, we need to show people why print is such a compelling proposition, and as online is becoming less effective through saturation we have a great story to tell.

“I am passionate about print, and I have been through it all, so I have plenty of experience. I will be aiming to bring the print community together, if we are together we are strong. We have much to share with each other. And I want to bring in experts from overseas that we can benchmark against and learn from, knowledge is power.”

Pettaras says he has the time for the role as he recently transitioned his approach to life, changing his lifestyle, taking control of his nutrition, losing weight, and switching from a 70 hour working week to 40 hours, while creating a clear focus for the Digitalpress business. As a result the business is performing at its best level ever, and Pettaras has time to devote to other activities, including now the PIAA Board.

He says, “Print is on the move, there is no doubt about that, the Print2Parliament event this week showed what can be achieved, and has created a great platform for print and politicians to continue to engage. I am delighted to be able to contribute to the industry through being part of the PIAA Board.

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