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PIAA backs AusPost’s new mailing tool

Friday, 09 February 2018
By Print 21 Online Article

A new online tool from Australia Post that’s designed to boost promotional mailing campaigns has won the backing of the mailing industry.

Australia Post representatives met in Queensland yesterday with key members of the printing and mailing industries to demonstrate how the recently launched Campaign Targeter tool can allow registered users to plan, promote and execute promotional mail campaigns using demographic, behavioural and psychographic profile matching.

“Campaign Targeter appears to have powerful potential to improve the effectiveness of promotional mail campaigns,” said Tom Eckersley of Eckersley Group after the meeting. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to planning a promotional campaign, and this tool will help us target the core audience with greater precision.”

“It is essential that printers, mail houses and their clients focus decision-making on the Return on Investment (ROI) that various marketing channels offer. The outlay may be higher for a printed campaign compared with firing off thousands of emails, but when you start looking at what sales or leads are generated by the activity, the ROI begins to favour print channels, particularly when used as part of an integrated multi-channel campaign.”

The meeting was another indication of the improving relationship between the PIAA and the national carrier since Christine Holgate took over as CEO last year.

“This meeting reflects the potential for industry and Australia Post to work more closely together to develop, harness and promote the virtues of the print and post sector, thereby working to grow the market,” says Eckersley.

Australia Post also presented structural changes to the handling and pricing of the Print Post mail sector which is used predominantly for the distribution of magazines. New technology being rolled out at Australia Post will increase efficiency and industry need to accommodate changed requirements for how the material is lodged whilst simultaneously absorbing increasing costs.

Andrew Macaulay, CEO of Printing Industries welcomed the increased engagement. “We have been encouraging increased communication with Australia Post for a long time now and we are heading in the right direction, albeit with a need to improve further. I urge printers to make use of the tools available and push Australia Post as a partner in mail activity so that we improve the performance of the sector for clients and ourselves.”

According to Australia Post’s website: Campaign Targeter is an online tool by Australia Post that enables you to identify and reach new customers by creating promotional mail campaigns that are more geographically accurate and tailored to your customer segmentation needs. Using Campaign Targeter, you can self-serve your own promotional mail campaigns online, from creation and mapping through to booking, so your communication hits letterboxes on time and on budget.

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