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Wednesday, 17 June 2015
By Print 21 Online Article

Printing Industries has teamed up with PMP Distribution to offer its members a new low-cost letterbox marketing and distribution service.

Letterbox Marketing Plus will provide preferential pricing and access to PMP Distribution’s 14,000+ local walkers in over 30,000 neighbourhoods around the country, as well as sales and marketing training support.

“Catalogues, flyers and leaflets are experiencing strong performance in retail markets and have a proven track record of effectiveness,” said Bill Healey, Printing Industries CEO. “There are more than two million small businesses in Australia and we know that local businesses spend around $15,000 each year marketing themselves, so this presents a huge opportunity for printers to tap into a ready income stream. Every community has its share of restaurants, general retail stores, real estate firms, hairdressers, sports groups, local government and tradies who can benefit from using letterbox marketing.”

Bill Healey, CEO PIAA

Letterbox Marketing Plus will provide printing companies with access to online quotation, mapping and district profiling tools for maximum coverage, as well as offering distribution segmentation around 13 different profile groups and 50 types of customers in postcode areas.  Profiles include household size, age, sex, education level, family size, cultural background and income. Printing Industries can also provide data support on the success of unaddressed mail to help the printer to sell its print and distribution capability.

“Ultimately we hope that this is the first step in enabling members to become a one-stop shop marketing provider by offering a broad range of services such as social media and website management to complement their traditional print offering,” said Healey.  “The reduced rate for members is lower than postal and other unaddressed mail services, so there is scope for good margins on distribution in addition to their own print and design services.”

Training support is available for companies seeking structured sales and marketing skills into the wider marketing services area via the Future Print business advisors network.

A free 30-minute webinar at 1pm (AEST) on Tuesday 23 June will explain how Letterbox Marketing Plus will work. Register here.


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